'Strengthening the ideals and the pursuit of Peace, both within and amongst all nations and peoples'

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Ways to Peace Programme

Friday Evening        21st September  7-10pm
 The Spirit of Peace:
Peace is the responsibility of each of us    Satish Kumar, peace activist & former Jain monk, and Herbert Girardet, global environmentalist,  with ethnic musical performances including National Eisteddford winning Welsh choir Côr Caerdydd, Welsh Harpist Charlotte Swayne, composer and violinist Fiona Frank and cellist Kate Price. This special evening opens with Pascal Bidois, the festival's founder, sharing the vision of 'Ways to Peace', and ends by candlelight under the stars with a Buddhist meditation evoking timelessness,  led by Andy Wistreich.  
Ticketed event. (£12, £10 concs.)


* Important message from Bianca Jagger

Saturday Daytime    22nd September  11-4pm
 Connecting with Peace.. talks, music, workshops, poetry, storytelling
“Celebration of Peace’ activities & events   Free and open to all !

Green Poems for a Blue Planet ~Martin Kiszko,  ’Peace as a Way of Life’ ~ Satish Kumar, ‘Harmony in the Wheel of Time’ ~ Andy Wistreich, Earth mandala creation ~ Fiona Frank,  Army of Hope ~ Rubicon Dance Company, ‘Tales of Wales and the World’~ storyteller Richard Berry, Japanese tea ceremony,  Ikebana flower arranging, Djabot African drumming group, Buddhist peace meditation led by Venerable Chjoe Lama Rabsang, Parva Strings Quartet, young & old poets & philosophers for Peace. Experience and celebrate the many ways to inner & outer peace, and harmony with Nature, in a world of continuing conflict.
Free and open to all. (Entrance to the Abbey is also free,  refreshments onsite)


Saturday Evening      22nd September  7-10pm
 Working for Peace:
Dynamic steps towards a world of Peace, Justice & Sustainability ~ Renewal Gospel Choir and music from kora player Mamadou Cissokho and Koto harp player Hiroko Sue, weave together with peace activists Scilla Elworthy, Robert Harrap and green poet Martin Kiszko, who inspire action and planetary transformation. The night concludes with Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes, readings from Rumi, and ceremonial 'turning' under the stars.  Ticketed event. (£12, £10 concs)